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Model Misfit (Geek Girl #2) - Holly Smale Review coming soon!
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The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1) - Jessica Sorensen Review coming soon!
Rolling Dice - Beth Reekles After finishing Rolling Dice I just knew I had to pick up another of Beth Reekles books because they were so light and enjoyable. I really enjoyed Rolling Dice too. Sure, I had my problems with the characters and parts of the storyline, but overall it was an enjoyable read.

Madison's family is moving from Maine to Florida and Madison couldn't be happier. She jumps at the opportunity to re-invent herself and become a new person. Madison meets Dwight in a coffee shop and they hit it off straight away. But when the popular kids take an interest in Madison, she doesn't know what to do about Dwight. Dwight is funny and nerdy, but nothing like the popular kids. Madison struggles to retain her friendships and must decide what she really wants.

OK, so there were times that I liked Madison and times I really wanted to hit her. She started off as this nice girl who was just trying to fit in but then she got so obsessed with being popular and liked that her personality slightly changed. Sure, she would still talk to Dwight and his friends when they were alone, but as soon as one of her popular friends appeared she ditched Dwight. She also kind of strung Dwight along for quite a bit of this book. You could tell that he cared about her but she didn't want to destroy her popularity. Sometimes she could be really selfish. I did like her though. She never gave up on talking to Dwight and his friends and she always made time for them.

And then we have Dwight. Dwight was such a sweetheart. He helped Madison in the first scene we met him and I fell for him straight away. He was always helping Madison and looking out for her. He genuinely cared about her and it was awful to see the way Madison treated him. I just adored them together though. They really opened up to each other and helped one another.

The storyline was mainly just about Madisons struggle to fit in with the popular kids but remain friends with Dwight. It was interesting to see how her character changed. I knew why Madison was so driven to be popular, but I didn't understand why it took her so long to see what was right in front of her face and how she'd been blocking stuff out. I did really love her journey throughout the book though.

The ending was sweet and I adored it!

Overall, this was a sweet and cute contemporary novel that I enjoyed reading.
The Kissing Booth - Beth Reekles The Kissing Booth has been sitting on my kindle for ages, and I finally got around to reading it! I was in the mood for a contemporary novel and this was just what I wanted.

The Kissing Booth follows out main character Rochelle who has a crush on her best friends brother. When Elle and Lee decide to run a Kissing Booth for the school's carnival, Elle and Noah end up kissing and the both realise that there may be something between them.

Elle was a great character. She was friendly, helpful and just generally a nice person and I loved that about her. She stood up for herself when it came to Noah and what he does, but she could still be pretty naive and listen to him. She wasn't a very good friend to Lee. She hid secrets from him and was constantly lying to him and I just knew he was going to find out the wrong way. But I did like Elle's character.

I had a love/hate relationship with Noah. He could be this really sweet guy who made me smile, but he's also got a possessive side to him. He was controlling and would beat up guys just for talking to Elle! I mean, what the hell is that? So freaking what if he likes her, that doesn't give him the right to scare every other guy away from her! I loved Noah when he was with Elle, but I hate the possessive side of him. Noah's character did develop throughout the book and by the end he was trying his best to become a better person. He was still getting into fights, but he was no longer threatening or beating up guys that talked to/looked at Elle.

The story line was cute though and exactly what I was looking for. I adored seeing the development of Elle and Noah's relationship and all the ups and downs that came with it (and believe me, there were a lot of downs). Elle and Noah had this amazing chemistry, and I loved seeing them together. What I didn't understand though was why everyone made such a big deal at the end. Everything kind of just blew up and I didn't understand why. All of the hate was being focused on Noah, but it was Elle's idea! I just don't understand why everyone took it so badly.

The ending was cute and sweet though. I loved seeing the change in Noah and seeing what he'd do to prove that he cared for Elle.

Overall, this was a light and sweet contemporary novel that I enjoyed reading.
Wild Cards (Wild Cards, #1) - Simone Elkeles Wild Cards was one of those books that I was extremely excited for this year (or next year since it's not out in the UK until 2014). I was so excited to get a copy of this from Netgalley and I couldn't wait to dive right into this book. Unfortunately, I ended up not enjoying it as much as I'd expected to. There was just something about the characters that annoyed me (don't get me wrong, I did sort of like them but they annoyed the hell out of me). The story line was interesting enough with the family drama and the question surrounding why Derek doesn't play football anymore. I did enjoy this book, but definitely not as much as I'd thought I would have.

Derek has been kicked out of boarding school after a stupid prank and it heading to Chicago to live with his step-mum and her son. Ashtyn likes with her father and he basically ignores the world around him. When Brandi, Julian and Derek show up Ashtyn thinks her life might be coming together. Until he boyfriend betrays her and leaves her team in the lurch. Even though it's the last thing she wants to do, Ashtyn has to turn to Derek to help and ends up falling for him.

OK so I didn't really hit it off with any of the characters in this book (except from Julian because he's such a cutie!). Ashtyn was a great character when she was being herself. She was a strong, independent character that didn't need anyone to stand up for her. But then there were times when she was whiny and just not being herself and I wanted to hit her and tell her to snap out of it. She kept flipping between these two personalities: the one that's strong and can take care of herself, and the one that wanted a guy to protect her. It pissed me off so much! I had no idea which one was the real Ashtyn! She kept going on about how she didn't need anyone but then she kept wanting Derek to be her knight... I mean, what the hell!? It was so damn confusing!

Derek annoyed the hell out of me too. Sure he was cocky and snarky, and that's usually the kind of guy I love in books, but he was so confusing too! He was going on about how much he liked Ash but then he said he had to push her away... and I had no idea why. Most of the stuff he said concerning Ash made no sense, it was so stupid! Derek was a very caring character though. His relationship with his step-brother was so sweet. He took care of him and genuinely loved him and I adored seeing that.

The relationship between Derek and Ashtyn annoyed me too. There were constantly going back and forth until I was so damn confused and had no idea if either of them were ever going to admit their feelings. It was so frustrating! I lost count of the amount of times I had my face in my hands and the amount of frustrated groans I made. It was unbelievable. I was pretty obvious right from the start that they were going to get together, but they took their time about it. And then when they did get together, Ashtyn was like "I love you" and I died. They've barely even known each other that long and they spent most of the time arguing! How the hell can they be in love already?! Urgh, it was so frustrating.

My main interest in the story line was the family drama. Brandi (Ashtyn's sister) hadn't spoken to her father in years after she moved out and now she's back with a son, a step-son and a baby on the way. And then their was Ashtyn's relationship with her father. Her father doesn't like the fact she plays football and said that if her mother hadn't left she'd have been doing cooking classes (which pissed me off big time). Ashtyn is a great footballer and her father doesn't acknowledge that or support her. I also really enjoyed seeing Derek building a relationship with his step-mother Brandi. And then there's also Derek and his grandmother. I don't really want to get into their relationship too much but I will say that I thought she was a bitch to start with but really she was just trying to do what was best for Derek.

The ending was pretty weird and stupid in my opinion. I can't really go into much detail about it though because it'll kind of ruin it but I will say that the way that Derek makes decisions is stupid. Very stupid. And sure, the ending was sweet and lovely but it kind of just showed again that Ashtyn wants a knight in shining armor to take care of her (which totally doesn't fit her personality).

Overall, this was an enjoyable read with an interesting story. It wasn't my favourite contemporary novel, but it was completely terrible.
Keeping Her (Losing It, #1.5) - Cora Carmack So I ended up picking up Keeping Her because I was feeling in a major reading slump and every time that happens I pick up a New Adult novel. The was just a short, quick novella about Garrick and Bliss going to visit Garrick's parents in London. I absolutely adored this novella! I'd forgotten how clumsy and awkward Bliss could be and how sweet and charming Garrick was. I loved rediscovering my love for these characters.

The story line basically focused on their relationship and whether it would be able to hold. Garrick's family are more obsessed with image than happiness, and Bliss doesn't feel like she fits in. Garrick was being sucked back into his old life and Bliss was starting to question their relationship. The two of them had their ups and downs throughout this book, but they managed to get through everything and I'm so glad they did. They're such a perfect couple. Garrick needs Bliss to remind him of why he chose the path he chose and why he should stick to it. I just adored seeing those two together again.

Garrick's friends were hilarious! I loved them! Right from the start they made Bliss feel welcome and comfortable. They helped Bliss loose some of her stress and relax. They're just what she needed and I'm hoping that Garrick stayed in touch with them after that. They're brilliant friends.

Overall, this was such a cute and sweet novella. I loved finding out more about Garrick and Bliss' life and what the future holds for them. I loved it!
A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers Review coming soon!
Meant to Be (Audio) - Lauren Morrill This is now one of my favourite contemporary novels. As soon as it started, I fell in love with this book. It was such an adorable novel. I'm a sucker for cute romance novels, and this was such a brilliant one.

There were times I liked Julia, and times I wanted to hit her. She was a smart, organised, goody two shoes, clumsy character and I really liked her. During her trip to London, Jason makes it his mission to help Julia find out who her mystery guy is and while he's doing that, he helps Julia loosen up and have some fun. But, should could be pretty naive and stupid sometimes. She didn't notice what was right in front of her for so long and she was so focused on her perfect MTB (meant to be) that she didn't realise that her MTB might not be who she thinks. She's a very awkward character. She ended up in some pretty hilarious situation and had me cracking up a lot.

I freaking loved Jason. He was such a hilarious character! Sure, he was immature, but he was so focused on having fun that it didn't bother him and I loved it. He's so cocky and funny, and he had me cracking up so much during this book. The only thing that bothered me about Jason was that he gave out so many mixed messages. It was unbelievable how confused he was making me with his constant back and forth.

Julia and Jason has some hilarious banter together. At the start of the book, Julia really didn't like Jason. They're paired together for the trip and they start to become really close. Jason gets Julia to experience some new things and have fun for once. I adored them together. They were both giving each other mixed messages and for most of the book they weren't on the same page. They have so much chemistry, but Julia is unwilling to acknowledge it for most of the book. They were at each others throats a lot in this book mostly because Julia didn't realise how Jason felt.

I loved that this book took place in London. Even though I've been to visit London, I never got to visit some of the sights that they saw in this book and I adored discovering them along with the characters. Julia is convinced that her MTB is her childhood best friend Mark because he's so perfect. She's so focused on finding someone the same way her parents met that she can't see what's right in front of her. Jason helped Julia have a lot of fun during this book. They did things that she normally wouldn't do, like: walking around during a thunderstorm and going to a party and getting drunk. She experienced a lot throughout this book and started to loosen up slightly. Julia is getting texts from a mystery guy and Jason agrees to help her find out who it is and they have some pretty cool adventures. I was wondering for most of the book why Jason and Sarah seemed so close and why they kept passing notes. It all fell into place at the end though.

The twist at the end was hilarious! It definitely added something to the story and it wouldn't have been as good if it hadn't been for the twist. I love how it allowed Jason and Julia to get to know each other. The ending had be smiling like an idiot. I adore Julia and Jason together and I was squealing with delight! They're so cute <3<br/>
Overall, I absolutely adored this contemporary. It's definitely one I'll be listening to every year (or reading if I buy a physical copy). It was cute, adorable and I loved every second of it. It's one I definitely recommend.
Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2) - Marissa Meyer After reading Cinder last month, I knew I had to get my hands on Scarlet ASAP and find out what was going to happen next in the story. Scarlet ended up being so much better than Cinder in my opinion. There was a lot more to discover, new characters and a lot of action! I also loved how the story was told from Scarlet's POV, but then we also got chapters from Cinder and Kai in third person narrative. So even though we were following a different character, we still got to see what the characters from Cinder were up to and how everything that happened in this book affected them.

As soon as I started reading Scarlet I knew I was going to enjoy this one a lot more than Cinder. I connected with Scarlet straight away. Her grandmother is missing and the police have called off the search saying that she ran away or committed suicide. But Scarlet knows that can't be true. I loved her close her relationship with her grandmother was that she knew for sure that something terrible had happened to her. Scarlet is a determined character. She's willing to do whatever it takes to get her grandmother back, no matter the cost. She was a fantastic and strong main character.

I was a bit iffy with Wolf to start with. I mean, he was a dangerous street fighter but he seemed so naive and scared that I couldn't help but feel drawn to him. He wanted to do whatever he could to help Scarlet find her grandmother (even though he kept trying to convince her to forget about it). It was extremely interesting finding out about Wolf. I knew there was something off about him, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly. So I loved finding out about it, but it also made me have Queen Levana even more than I already did. Wolf is such a sweet character. He wants to protect Scarlet and I feel sorry for him because of what was done to him.

And then we have Thorne. Thorne was my favourite new character. He was so sarcastic and snarky. I loved him from the very first moment we met him in his jail cell. He managed to make me laugh a hell of a lot throughout this book. He's a very skilled character. He knows how to hide from the police/government and knows what precautions to take to stay hidden. He was a fantastic character.

Cinder was amazing, yet again. I just adore her. I felt really bad for Kai though. He was getting all the backlash from Levana because of Cinder, and he had to do whatever he could to stop her. My hate for Levana grew in this one. After I found out what she'd been doing, and found out what she'd done to Cinder as a child - it made me sick. She has to be stopped before she takes over Earth.

The story line in this one was packed with action and mystery. I had a lot of questions at the start of the book like: "Why was Scarlet's grandmother taken?" and "What's up with Wolf?", and my questions were gradually answered throughout the book and I loved the journey we were taken on to get these answers. We were also following Cinder and Thorne and their escape to find out more about Princess Selene. And then we had Kai. Kai is dealing with everything that happened after Cinder and is also having to try to please Levana.

The ending was packed with action. I was shocked and disgusted by the lengths Levana would go to just to get Cinder. It was horrible. I was hooked reading the ending and I just couldn't put it down until I found out what happened. I was also extremely shocked by what Kai did. I wanted to hit him! Does he seriously think that it's going to make any difference? Really? If he does, he needs some sense knocked into him. But by the end of the book my hate for Queen Levana had rocketed and I can't wait to see her meet her end. I'll be cheering.

Overall, this was such a fantastic sequel! Packed with mystery and action that had be hooked from start to finish. I can't wait for Cress now!