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Rolling Dice - Beth Reekles After finishing Rolling Dice I just knew I had to pick up another of Beth Reekles books because they were so light and enjoyable. I really enjoyed Rolling Dice too. Sure, I had my problems with the characters and parts of the storyline, but overall it was an enjoyable read.

Madison's family is moving from Maine to Florida and Madison couldn't be happier. She jumps at the opportunity to re-invent herself and become a new person. Madison meets Dwight in a coffee shop and they hit it off straight away. But when the popular kids take an interest in Madison, she doesn't know what to do about Dwight. Dwight is funny and nerdy, but nothing like the popular kids. Madison struggles to retain her friendships and must decide what she really wants.

OK, so there were times that I liked Madison and times I really wanted to hit her. She started off as this nice girl who was just trying to fit in but then she got so obsessed with being popular and liked that her personality slightly changed. Sure, she would still talk to Dwight and his friends when they were alone, but as soon as one of her popular friends appeared she ditched Dwight. She also kind of strung Dwight along for quite a bit of this book. You could tell that he cared about her but she didn't want to destroy her popularity. Sometimes she could be really selfish. I did like her though. She never gave up on talking to Dwight and his friends and she always made time for them.

And then we have Dwight. Dwight was such a sweetheart. He helped Madison in the first scene we met him and I fell for him straight away. He was always helping Madison and looking out for her. He genuinely cared about her and it was awful to see the way Madison treated him. I just adored them together though. They really opened up to each other and helped one another.

The storyline was mainly just about Madisons struggle to fit in with the popular kids but remain friends with Dwight. It was interesting to see how her character changed. I knew why Madison was so driven to be popular, but I didn't understand why it took her so long to see what was right in front of her face and how she'd been blocking stuff out. I did really love her journey throughout the book though.

The ending was sweet and I adored it!

Overall, this was a sweet and cute contemporary novel that I enjoyed reading.