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The Kissing Booth - Beth Reekles The Kissing Booth has been sitting on my kindle for ages, and I finally got around to reading it! I was in the mood for a contemporary novel and this was just what I wanted.

The Kissing Booth follows out main character Rochelle who has a crush on her best friends brother. When Elle and Lee decide to run a Kissing Booth for the school's carnival, Elle and Noah end up kissing and the both realise that there may be something between them.

Elle was a great character. She was friendly, helpful and just generally a nice person and I loved that about her. She stood up for herself when it came to Noah and what he does, but she could still be pretty naive and listen to him. She wasn't a very good friend to Lee. She hid secrets from him and was constantly lying to him and I just knew he was going to find out the wrong way. But I did like Elle's character.

I had a love/hate relationship with Noah. He could be this really sweet guy who made me smile, but he's also got a possessive side to him. He was controlling and would beat up guys just for talking to Elle! I mean, what the hell is that? So freaking what if he likes her, that doesn't give him the right to scare every other guy away from her! I loved Noah when he was with Elle, but I hate the possessive side of him. Noah's character did develop throughout the book and by the end he was trying his best to become a better person. He was still getting into fights, but he was no longer threatening or beating up guys that talked to/looked at Elle.

The story line was cute though and exactly what I was looking for. I adored seeing the development of Elle and Noah's relationship and all the ups and downs that came with it (and believe me, there were a lot of downs). Elle and Noah had this amazing chemistry, and I loved seeing them together. What I didn't understand though was why everyone made such a big deal at the end. Everything kind of just blew up and I didn't understand why. All of the hate was being focused on Noah, but it was Elle's idea! I just don't understand why everyone took it so badly.

The ending was cute and sweet though. I loved seeing the change in Noah and seeing what he'd do to prove that he cared for Elle.

Overall, this was a light and sweet contemporary novel that I enjoyed reading.