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Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris Originally at The Secret Life of a Bookworm

Even though I have 3 reviews to write before this one, I had to get this one written first because I have so much to say about this book. Plus, I've actually managed to stop crying but I'll probably start again while writing the review (it was so damn heartbreaking!).

First things first, holy crap Elizabeth Norris. I didn't think I could be even more torn up than I was at Unravelling, but this book almost killed me. Things were building and building throughout the book, and then then ending was cruel and unexpected and horrible. Well done on writing such a fantastic and heartbreaking ending.

The story line of this one focuses on a human trafficking ring that are kidnapping people from different universes to use as slaves. Barclay comes back to get Janelle because Ben is believed to have been a part of the ring. So Janelle and Barclay set out to clear Ben's name and rescue everyone that has been kidnapped.

I loved Janelle so much more in this one. She proved herself to be such a badass and she knew exactly what she had to do to survive. She managed to get out of some pretty tough situations and save people along the way. She was so strong and tough. She was determined to get her friend back, and she never forgot about that for one second. I loved that about her.

When Ben first came into this book, I knew I was so over him. He did some pretty terrible things and even though he said he did it for Janelle, I couldn't forgive him for what he'd done. I still saw the connection between him and Janelle, but I just wasn't rooting for them anymore.

I freaking loved Barclay in this one! He came back for Janelle because he knew that he could rely on her to help him. Barclay was always looking out for Janelle and protecting her. I just loved him so much.

My emotions were all over the place before I even started this book (I blame Amber for that), and I just got worse throughout the book and especially at the ending. There was so much to focus on in this one. Who was in control of the trafficking ring? Why were they doing it? Where was Ben? Was he involved? Who can be trusted?
This was a book full of questions that all answered throughout the book. I was so hooked that I finished it in about 5 hours. It was unputdownable and a much better (and more heartbreaking) than the first one.

The ending almost killed me. I'd been all geared up for something that had been building throughout the whole book, and then the cruel ending happened and ruined everything. I was a complete wreck for about the last 20% of this book, I could barely see my kindle through my tears. I can't even explain why I was crying because it'd be a major spoiler, but I will say that it tore me apart. I didn't want to read on because I was in so much pain, but I did and the book ended perfectly. I'm still upset that my ending didn't happen, but it was still a perfect ending to this series.

Overall, this was an extremely emotional and heartbreaking novel but I loved every second of it. If you haven't read this series yet I definitely, definitely recommend it. It's amazing.