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My Soul to Keep  - Rachel Vincent Originally at The Secret Life of a Bookworm

Rachel Vincent is upping the game every time with this series. Every book I've read has been better than the previous book, so I've got high hopes for the rest of the series. After everything that Kaylee, Nash and Tod have been through in the first two books I honestly didn't think things could get any worse for them. Boy, was I wrong.

Kaylee had a lot on her plate in this book. With the fact that 'demon breath' had made its way into the human world and people from her school were taking it to get high. Her best friend and her cousin dating guys who were both taking demon breath. And then, on top of that, someone close to her had an addiction to demon breath. So yeah, Kaylee had a lot to deal with in this one.
She was determined to do everything she could to get rid of demon breath from the human world because if humans take in too much of it, it can permanently damage their brains and make them go insane. So Kaylee took it upon herself to try to get rid of it. She was also doing it to protect her best friend who was going out with a guy hooked on demons breath. Kaylee always tries to help people no matter how much danger she puts herself in. She's always looking out for others.

At the start, Nash was his usual loving and caring self. But gradually, throughout the book, he started to kind of act like a jerk and sometimes he was a real ass. As I was going through the book, I was getting angrier and angrier with him. And then something happened that made me dislike him in this one. He'd completely changed from who he was in the first two books, and I really didn't like him in this one. He deserved everything he got in the end, he probably deserved worse actually.

I loved Tod so much. Tod is always looking out for Kaylee. He may not be her boyfriend, but it's clear that Tod cares about Kaylee a lot and doesn't want to see her get hurt. He stuck by Kaylee in this one and also stood by her. He's a brilliant friend. Tod had his own stuff going on in this one too after what happened in the previous book. He was coming to terms with that and dealing in his own way.

Yet again, there was so much packed into this novel. With the demons breath being introduced into the human world; Kaylee having trust issues with someone close to her and the fact that Avari (a hellion in the Netherworld) had something up his sleeve that involved the schools Winter Carnival, there was definitely a lot to keep me interested. I'm definitely sure we haven't seen the last of Avari, he'll have something else up his sleeve.

Overall, this was yet again another fantastic sequel! I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the series!