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Pivot Point - Kasie West Originally at The Secret life of a Bookworm

Pivot Point is one of the best and most unique novels I've ever read. It's about a Compound where a lot of people live, but they all have mind powers! How awesome is that? I was drawn in by this story line straight away and I didn't want to put the book down.

Addie finds out that her parents are getting a divorce and she must choose who she wants to live with. So since Addie's power is that she can look into the future when she's face with a choice, she decides to see what her life would be like six weeks into the future is she lived with her mum or with her dad.

First of all, I adored how the chapters flicked between Addie's two different lives. I loved how at the beginning of each chapter there were words with the leters 'PARA' or 'NORM' to help you distinguish what life of Addie's you were reading about. It was such a unique way of doing it, and I loved it!

So lets start of with Addie's life with her mother in the Compound. If Addie stays with her mother, she gets to stay with her best friend. She also starts dating the schools quarterback Duke. But everything doesn't go smoothly in this life. Addie manages to get herself in a bit of trouble by getting involved with her best friends fathers drug dealer, which causes a lot of problems. Her boyfriend is lying to her and Addie suspects that they're using the powers when they're playing normal football teams. And then something horrible happens at the end and I was gobsmacked to find out who was behind everything!

Addie's life with her father outside the Compound in Dallas was amazing. It was very interesting getting to see Addie interacting with normal humans and acting like one herself. She was starting a new school and had to make new friends, and then she met Trevor. I knew the second she met Trevor I wanted her to pick this life. He was so cute and sweet, and Addie seemed to help him a lot. I adored seeing those two together! Addie settled into life outside the compound quite easily. It took her a while to get used to all the stuff she hadn't encountered before and learning to act normal, but she managed to do it. But then something horrible and tragic happened at the end of this one, and I just couldn't believe it. I was so distraught (as was Addie).

Onto the characters now!
I loved Addie! She was such a brilliant character. There were times when I though she was a little naive (PARA), but overall she was an excellent character. She was funny, smart and just amazing. She could have been a better friend in the NORM version of her life and maybe things wouldn't have turned out the way they did, but we'll never know.

Laila was an awesome character too! She could erase memories, which makes her even more awesome. She was a fantastic best friend, hilarious, flirty and I just loved her. She was brilliant for Addie.

So there were two love interests in this book. First we had Duke. I didn't like Duke at all. He was a jerk, he was cocky and I just never believed that he cared about Addie. He just seemed to come from nowhere and he was suddenly interested in her. I never liked his relationship with Addie at all.
And then we have Trevor. I loved Trevor so, so much. He befriended Addie straight away which made me like him right away. And then they had their own little inside jokes and they got closer and closer. Addie and Trevor were perfect together. They were so cute <3<br/>
The ending of the book kind of left me slightly heartbroken, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get over it in the next book!

Overall, this was a very unique and intriguing book. I loved exploring the two possible lives for Addie and I can't wait to see what's in store for her next.