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Goddess  - Josephine Angelini Originally posted at The Secret Life of a Bookworm
Copy received from Goodreads First Reads & MyKindaBook.

It felt like I'd been waiting forever for this book to come out. I was so desperate to to find out what was going to happen in this last book and if Helen & Lucas would ever find out the truth!

So after the ending of Dreamless the Gods have been released from Olympus and are wreaking havoc. It's up to Helen to find a way to re-imprison them before they start a war.

Helen was fantastic in this book. After the end of the previous book, Helen gained some extra powers and became a very powerful Scion. She was powerful and dangerous. She became a completely different person in this book, and the reason for that is revealed during the book. She was unsure of her feelings towards Orion and Lucas. She knew she shouldn't care for Lucas, but she really loves him.

Lucas is just, amazing. Seriously, I love him so much. He's always trying to protect Helen and he cares deeply for her even though he shouldn't. He's just such a sweetheart.

I really love Orion as well. I knew that he and Helen definitely wouldn't work because there was already someone else who loved him deeply, he just couldn't see it yet. He helped Cassandra a lot during this book. He's such a caring guy.

Trust Hector to fall in love with a girl who hates him because of his face...
I felt so bad for him in that moment because he genuinely liked Andy, but because he looks exactly like Apollo, Andy was terrified of him. But it all worked out in the end.

I enjoyed the journey we were taken on in this one. Hades was trying to coach Helen because she's a worldbuilder and eventually she'd create a world and Zeus and the other Gods would come for her. Everyone was trying to work out who the Tyrant was (it was pretty obvious in my opinion who it was). Matt was acting weird and it turned out he was a massive part of the storyline. I learned a lot more about Orion's childhood and I felt so bad for him because he couldn't be with his mother or father.

The ending was spectacular. I cried like 3 times. The first time I cried I was in shock because I just couldn't believe that had happened! I was so annoyed that Josephine Angelini had done that to one of my favourite characters that I couldn't imagine this series without! And then the second time was Lucas' decision! I mean... WHAT THE HELL, LUCAS?! Did you not even think about talking to Helen? That thought didn't cross your mind before you went off behind everyone's backs and made such a stupid decision?! Apparently it didn't. And the last time I cried was because I was so happy for Lucas and Helen. They've been through so much and Helen's bitch of a mother finally came clean. I was so glad that they finally got their happy ending (even if Lucas' decision will ruin it one day).

Overall, this was a fantastic ending to the Starcrossed series. It was jam packed full of action and twists and I loved every second of it. Thank you Josephine Angelini for writing such an amazing series.