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Keeping Her (Losing It, #1.5) - Cora Carmack So I ended up picking up Keeping Her because I was feeling in a major reading slump and every time that happens I pick up a New Adult novel. The was just a short, quick novella about Garrick and Bliss going to visit Garrick's parents in London. I absolutely adored this novella! I'd forgotten how clumsy and awkward Bliss could be and how sweet and charming Garrick was. I loved rediscovering my love for these characters.

The story line basically focused on their relationship and whether it would be able to hold. Garrick's family are more obsessed with image than happiness, and Bliss doesn't feel like she fits in. Garrick was being sucked back into his old life and Bliss was starting to question their relationship. The two of them had their ups and downs throughout this book, but they managed to get through everything and I'm so glad they did. They're such a perfect couple. Garrick needs Bliss to remind him of why he chose the path he chose and why he should stick to it. I just adored seeing those two together again.

Garrick's friends were hilarious! I loved them! Right from the start they made Bliss feel welcome and comfortable. They helped Bliss loose some of her stress and relax. They're just what she needed and I'm hoping that Garrick stayed in touch with them after that. They're brilliant friends.

Overall, this was such a cute and sweet novella. I loved finding out more about Garrick and Bliss' life and what the future holds for them. I loved it!